Using the below research hypothesis completed the following:  Research Question:

Using the below research hypothesis completed the following: Research Question: Is lowering the minimum age of responsibility lessen the proliferation of crime? I want to see the result of this research question because a lot of minor offenders are engaged in the commission of crimes and I have this thought and analysis that maybe because they are not severely punished by law they have the guts to do what they want. As we all know juveniles are being favored by the court despite the gravity of the crime they committed because our Juvenile Justice system is pro to rehabilitation of minor offenders. Requirements: Use 5 Academic Journals Include APA Title Page and format paper in APA style The purpose of this assignment will be to provide a small literature review surrounding the 5 journals you have selected. You will select your journals based off of the question formulated for the hypothesis assignment. Please be sure to summarize your findings. Provide a synopsis of the measurements used in your articles as well as the findings. This paper should be between 3-5 pages long. Be sure to use scholarly sources and peer reviewed journals. Please note proper grammar syntax and spelling are expected.

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